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2010 Tekijuku Commemorative Lectures


As one of the events being planned for Osaka University's 80th anniversary, Osaka University and the Tekijuku Commemoration Association jointly held 2010 Tekijuku Commemoration Association -- Special Lectures on the 200th Anniversary of OGATA Koan's Birth, "The Heart from which Ogata's Scholarship sprang," at Saji Keizo Memorial Hall, Nakanoshima Center, Osaka University on Wednesday, November 24.

The lectures were kicked off with a greeting from President of Osaka University and Chairperson of Tekijuku Commemoration Association, WASHIDA Kiyokazu. This was followed by two lectures: "The Heart from which Ogata's Scholarship sprang," TATARA Kozo, Professor Emeritus, Osaka University and Professor of The Open University of Japan and "Professor Ogata and Osaka," WAKITA Osamu, Professor Emeritus, Osaka University; Director, Museum of Osaka University.

About 190 attendees eagerly listened to the lectures and lively interactions took place during the question and answer session.

Greeting from President Washida


Lecture by Professor Emeritus Tatara


Lecture by Professor Emeritus Wakita

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