2010.10.26 Tue
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"Hisho 30" Fellows meet with President Washida and Trustee Nishio for informal Awards Ceremony

Osaka University established the "HISHO 30" The Top Thirty Young Researchers of Osaka University as a support program for outstanding researchers aged 37 or younger in April 2010. On Wednesday, October 6, a small awards ceremony was held in the Conference Room on the third floor of the Administration Bureau for this year's winners by President Washida and Trustee and Vice President Nishio.

Trustee Nishio welcomed attendees with comments about research being conducted and aspirations for the future. Following this, President Washida entreated the winning researchers, as representatives of the many young researchers at Osaka University, to rededicate themselves to their research with confidence. In this way, the informal ceremony ended with an upbeat atmosphere.

  • Download and view a list of the names and topics of research of the 30 winners by clicking here .

Research Promotion Division, Department of Research

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