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Osaka University joins "Campus Membership" of the National Museum of Ethnology


In December 2008, Osaka University became a party to university group contracts with various museums and art museums in the Kansai area. Joining such enables students, faculty, and staff to enter such facilities without charge. Becoming a member of such contract groups was initiated for the purpose of enhancing an environment at the university that would nurture culture, a characteristic Osaka University considers very important.

Beginning from October, this membership has been broadened with the university signing a contract to be part of a "campus membership" for Suita City's National Museum of Ethnology, a step that now enables students, faculty, and staff to enter this cultural facility free of charge.

Getting to the National Museum of Ethnology

The National Museum of Ethnology is located within the grounds of The Natural and Cultural Gardens [Shizenbunkaen] in Suita City. Please note that the Natural and Cultural Gardens charge an entrance fee. Thus, if you would like to visit the National Museum of Ethnology without paying the entrance fee for The Natural and Cultural Gardens, please enter from the East Gate.


Membership in the National Museum of Ethnology provides Osaka University students (including special students, auditors, and research students), faculty, and staff with the following perks upon showing their ID card.

  1. Free viewing of exhibitions in the museum (excepting certain "special exhibitions").
  2. A discount on purchases at the museum shop.

It is hoped that students, faculty, and staff will take this opportunity to visit the museum in the near future.

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