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Caution: Want to work as a Private Tutor? Here's how...


Recently Osaka University has received numerous complaints concerning persons, persons posing as Osaka University students or actual Osaka University students, making phone calls, and offering their services as private tutors.

Students wanting to work as private tutors are strongly requested to register with Osaka University Co-op and get referrals for private tutoring jobs this way.

In short, the university strongly discourages students from attempting to directly recruit students to tutor.

If you want to work as a private tutor, find your tutoring jobs in the appropriate way: obtain referrals from the Osaka University Co-op office. See below for details...

How to register as a private tutor:

It's easy to register as a private tutor at the "Part-time work -- private tutoring" desk at one of the following Osaka University Co-op offices:

  • Toyonaka office: Travel Service counter, 4th Floor, Welfare Center -- Tel. 06-6841-3307
  • Suita office: Book & Service Section, Travel Service Center, School of Engineering branch -- Tel. 06-6877-6519
  • Minoh office: 2nd Floor, Administrative Office -- Tel. 072-928-4526

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