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Information Corner on the Seven National Universities established in Tokyo's Gakushikaikan


The Gakushikaikan [Japan Academy Hall] opened an Information Corner on the Seven Universities on Friday, May 28. In this and various ways, the Japan Academy and its Gakushikaikan located in Tokyo's Jimbo-cho, a location visited by many members and alumni groups of the former Imperial Universities, works to deepen old friendships through a variety of events.

The presidents of the seven universities participated as a group in the tape cutting at the Opening Ceremony for this new corner and each president in turn participated in a tape cutting for the opening of the elaborately planned individual university booths. The different booths of the seven universities showed a variety of styles. Some had panel displays introducing their school; others had original goods from their university. In the case of Osaka University, one was conscious of the 80th anniversary as there were 80 different drawers each containing different introductory cards on the 80 years of the university.

This original presentation rouses the interest of the visitor and one finds oneself wanting to view all 80 cards. The contents of the cards cover a variety of (1) historical information, (2) current departmental and institutional information, and (3) trivial topics about Osaka University in a 2:6:2 ratio. Coupled with a photograph and sleeve notes, these cards give the Osaka University visitor a lot of fresh information. Moreover, visitors are welcome to take the cards home, and by noticing which cards turn out to be the most popular, research into what visitors are interested in is gained.

When you visit Tokyo, be sure to take the time to visit Gakushikaikan and take a look at these cards at the Osaka University booth.

Surely you too will learn something about Osaka University that you never knew!


Japan Academy 1

 The tape cutting ceremony for the Information Corner

Japan Academy 2

President Washida and the Director of Gakushikaikan at the Osaka University booth.

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