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Unveiling Ceremony for Bronze Statues


The unveiling ceremony for two bronze statues, one the image of an old-time high school student of the former Naniwa High School, "Tomoyo, Warerazo Hikariyo to [Friends, we are beams of hope]" and the other "Machikane Doji [Machikane Child]", was held in the Machikaneyama Garden on the Toyonaka campus on Thursday, May 27 at 1:30 p.m.

The statues were donated by the former Naniwa High School which celebrated the 85th anniversary of its founding to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the founding of Osaka University. The high school is one of the predecessors of the School of Liberal Arts, the current Institute for Higher Education Research and Practice.

The sculptress of the statues, MUDO Yuriko, is a daughter of the late NOMA Koshin, one of the first graduates of the high school and a scholar of Japanese literature. Ms. Mudo is also known as the sculptress for the "Tower of the Moon", the permanent monument of the Aichi Expo.

The weather was perfect on the day. From the former Naniwa High School's alumni association, about 30 people including Chairperson KAWASHIMA Yasunaru, former Chairperson IKEGUCHI Kotaro,Chairperson of the Federation of Alumni Associations KUMAGAI Nobuaki, and sculptress Domu Yuriko, attended the ceremony. From Osaka University, about 10 people including President WASHIDA Kiyokazu, Vice President NISHIDA Shogo, Trustees and Vice Presidents TAKASUGI Eiichi and TSUJI Kiichiro were in attendance. Former Chairperson IKEGUCHI presented President WASHIDA with a document regarding the statues and President Washida, in turn, presented him with a letter of appreciation.

Then all the participants from the alumni association sang the dormitory song in front of the statue. Their voices, full of vigor, belied their age.

Following the ceremony, a party was held in the Seminar Room #1 on the 2nd floor of the Student Commons. In the party, greetings from former Chairperson Ikeguchi, trustee and Vice President Nishida were followed by Ms. Mudo's talk about making the statues. Following a toast by Chairperson Kawashima, participants enjoyed talking. While watching a slide show "Memories of our Youth" and chatting, participants renewed friendships at the party.


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