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Improvement of Facilities for Students


Between August 2009 and the end of March 2010, Osaka University renovated and repaired student dormitories and extracurricular facilities, replenished supplies at the above, and improved rental equipment for student use.

This maintenance and repair work was conducted mainly at sites deemed dangerous or hard to use due to the aging of equipment or the facility as well as at sites where there had been requests from students to do so. Please note that, as a consequence, the extracurricular environment and living conditions in the dormitories have been improved. For more information on the improvements made, please download the file noted below.

The university hopes that students make use of these renovated facilities and enjoy their university life to the fullest. The university will continue to make efforts to support student requests. Please contact the Student Center if you have a request for improvement of student facilities. At the same time, please understand that budgetary restrictions make it impossible to honor all such requests.

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