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The 2010 Entrance Ceremony Held


The 2010 Entrance Ceremony was held at Osaka Jo Hall on Monday, April 5th. 3,446 undergraduate students and 3,037 graduate students enrolled in Osaka University. KITA Yuka of School of Dentistry and NARII Nobuhiro of Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences took the oath on behalf of the many new students.

President WASHIDA Kiyokazu delivered the address of welcome. He entreated them to "Make an effort to broaden your mind, lift your eyes from the small world of daily life, and then one can begin to truly understand the world and dream dreams of a universal order."

Following the president's speech, the deans of the various schools and graduate schools were introduced. After their introduction, HIRAMATSU Kunio, mayor of Osaka City, delivered a celebratory speech, saying, "Let's unite our strength, appreciate culture and value communication, in order to develop both Osaka City and Osaka University, particularly Nakanoshima, the place where Osaka University was born."

These various speeches were followed by a celebration in which the university's mixed chorus sung the Osaka University Student Song, the male choir sang Stunz's Frie Kunst, and the orchestra played Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance.

Wrapping the ceremony up, these performances were followed by an orientation, and then university cheer-leading groups gave a round of cheers for the new students.

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