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The Student Support Station and Student Support Community Space are now open!


In order to strengthen existing relationships between counseling offices and establish a network among in-campus related organizations, the Department of Student Affairs has created a Student Support Station as a part of the Education and Information Office. The Student Support Station consists of 3 units: Student Consultation Services, Career Counseling, and Support for Students with Disabilities.
In order to provide a foundation for such, a Student Support Community Space has been opened on the second floor of the Student Union on the Toyonaka Campus. Please feel free to make use of these facilities and services. Moreover, rest assured that your privacy is guaranteed when making use of these counseling facilities.

Please understand that the existing Counseling Offices on each of the campuses will continue to provide counseling services as in the past -- there is no change in location or office hours.

For additional information, contact the Career Support Division (Tel: 06-6850-6115) or download the leaflets below:

Additional information, simple maps of the locations, and more are available here.

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