2009.11.7 Sat
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Unveiling Ceremony for "Youth"

At 10 o'clock on Saturday, November 7, in Daiko no Mori on the Toyonaka Campus, the unveiling ceremony for the bronze statue " Youth ", donated by former Osaka High School graduates, was conducted following the relocation of the statue. The statue "Youth" was originally installed at the site of Osaka High School in the Abeno-ku, Osaka city in 1962 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the school's founding. However, the current owner of the site, Urban Renaissance Agency, announced its intention to sell the site so it was decided that the statue should be transferred to the Daiko no Mori .

Under a clear sky, the following individuals attended the unveiling ceremony: MURATA Yoshito (president of the alumni association), KIMURA Masaharu (secretary general officiated in the unveiling),  KANAMORI Junjiro (former president of Osaka University). Also in attendance were others. From Osaka University, WASHIDA Kiyokazu, president and NISHIDA Shogo, trustee.

Then the secretary general KIMURA expressed his thanks and all the participants sang the dormitory song in front of the statue. Their voices, full of vigor, belied their age.

Finally, President WASHIDA said that he was delighted with the statue of the high school which can be said a predecessor of School of Liberal Arts. "I hope that students will look up to this statue while going to and from school and work hard."

The ceremony ended on a friendly note.

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