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22nd Student Life Survey


Conducted every 4 years, this year's Student Life Survey is the 22nd!

What is the Student Life Survey? It is a part of our ongoing efforts to stay in touch with students' lifestyles and requests. Results of the survey are used for improving student services, extracurricular activities, and facilities. 

By making use of KOAN, we hope to survey all undergraduate and graduate students at Osaka University.

This is the ideal way to let us know your opinions, so be sure to take part in this survey!


You can take part in the survey between November 2 (Monday) and November 30 (Monday). Don't let your opinions go unheard. Participate today!

You can be a winner: One hundred respondents will win COOP gift certificates worth 2,000 yen!

For more information, contact: General Affairs, Student Support Division, Department of Student Affairs, Tel. 06-6879-7162 or click on this link here or view the "poster" below.

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