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New Employment Support System added to Koan


The following services to assist with employment support are now available at the Employment section of KOAN's web site.

Employment Support System

Services available are:

  • Access to records of place of employment of Osaka University students
  • A forum for communication between Osaka University students and companies wishing to hire them
  • A forum for students seeking employment to exchange information
  • Information about job hunting offered by the university


Career Preference Survey System

Note: Only students and administrators can log in this system.

All students expected to graduate or complete by March 2010 are requested to enter a career choice regardless of whether they intend to look for employment or continue education. The information that you input enables the university to know students' steps after graduation and becomes important data for current students when deciding their next steps. The collected data will also be used for questionnaires.

Deadline for submission: after your steps after graduation have been decided.

Submit to: Enter your information on the Career Preference Survey System of Employment section on KOAN

Note: Students unable to enter their information via KOAN should complete the form related to steps after graduation attached to the Job Search Guidebook and submit the form to the employment staff at your school or graduate school.

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