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IMPORTANT--A(H1N1) influenza announcement #17 -- Regarding travel overseas

Amending announcement #16 on new type A(H1N1) influenza

Submission of a document outlining planned overseas travel is no longer necessary

In the new influenza A(H1N1) announcement #16, I requested the submission of a form for both official and private overseas travel. However, as of this announcement #17, the submission to school authorities of such a document is not longer required. Nonetheless, please be careful to observe the following:

(1) Please pay close attention to the warnings from the Foreign Ministry website and/or WHO home pages regarding the latest information on this new virus when abroad. (The Foreign Ministry's website is )
• Be aware that many countries are instituting health checks as part of immigration procedures; thus, fever or flu symptoms could be reason for delaying your entry into that country.
• Realize that not only is the virus spreading widely in Mexico, the USA, and Canada, but that there have been some deaths; therefore, approach travel to such areas with care.

(2) When or if you are abroad :
• Keep abreast of the latest information from WHO or other such sources and observe the guidelines for avoiding infection as set forth in announcements #10 and #11.
• If you contract the new influenza when abroad, please seek treatment from the local health authorities and notify Osaka University at once. (Persons at Osaka University who receive such notifications: please inform the Department of Safety and Hygiene at once.)

(3) Upon returning from travel abroad :
• Be aware that you might be the object of entrance restrictions and/or quarantine upon your re-entry to Japan from Mexico, Canada, or the USA if you are exhibiting symptoms of influenza.
• Upon return from travel abroad, please monitor your health carefully for one week by taking your temperature daily.
• If you should exhibit symptoms such as fever, coughing, and/or diarrhea, please contact the Department of Safety and Hygiene immediately and follow their instructions.

Department of Safety and Hygiene
Phone number during office hours: 06-6879-4023
After-office hours phone number: 06-6879-7018

June 23, 2009

Osaka University President

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