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Osaka University website undergoes major revision


On June 1, 2009, a major revision of the official website of Osaka University was made public.

New features of the website to which your attention is called are:

  • User-specific menus

  • Rapid updating of the information

  • Major expansion and enrichment of the English language content. (As you will soon notice, mutual access between each Japanese and English page is now the rule.)

This revision of the Osaka University website is primarily due to the efforts of the Web Design Unit set up last year in the Administrative Bureau. Please note that this revision involved the reconfiguring of an enormous number of pages and content from the old website. Thus, your patience and understanding are requested as the Web Design Unit continues to work on perfecting these newly created pages and their content.

In the short run, brushing up the new pages and content will be the major focus; however, in the long run, the goal is to increase the information available on the Osaka University website. Please look forward to a website that is both timely and informative.

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