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A(H1N1) influenza announcement #9


Announcement #9 regarding the New Type of Influenza

ALL Osaka University classes have been canceled through May 24

due to the outbreak of the new type of influenza in Osaka Prefecture


Due to the confirmation of multiple cases of persons infected with the new type of influenza A(H1N1) virus in a growing list of cities in Osaka Prefecture (Toyonaka, Ibaraki, Suita, and more), Osaka University has taken the step of canceling all classes from May 17 (Sunday) through May 24 (Sunday).


Members of the university community—all students and staff—are requested to continue to check the University’s homepages and the KOAN for new information, while also referring to the information provided thus far.  


Osaka University’s Guidelines—May 17-May 24—regarding the Outbreak of the New Type of Influenza in Osaka Prefecture


•    All classes for students and graduate students attending Osaka University are cancelled through Sunday, May 24. All classes held outside the school are also cancelled through the same date.  

•    All group activities such a conferences and seminars conducted by students and/or graduate students are prohibited.

•    All extracurricular activities are prohibited, including outside matches and competitions.

•    However, business affairs necessary for the functioning of the university, as well as non-group research activities taking place in various research departments will be conducted as usual.  

•    Academic conferences and events held outside the school in which students and graduate students participate, may be held at the discretion of the organizer(s) of the event. Members of the Osaka University community who attend such are requested to pay special attention and act in ways appropriate to prevent infection and spreading of the virus.

•    All group activities such as lectures conducted at the university are suspended or postponed. In the case of the organizer(s) of the event not belonging to the university, suspension or postponement of the event is requested.  

•    During the coming week(s), please refrain from unnecessary outings, and please observe measures to prevent infection of oneself and others such as coughing etiquette, washing one’s hands, gargling, and wearing a mask.  

•    These guidelines, the extent of the measures taken, and the length of time stated or implied may be adjusted in accordance with requests from the national, prefectural, and/or city government institutions for the purpose of minimizing future spread of the virus.  

•    Please continue to refer to the latest information on Osaka University’s homepages and the KOAN.  


For further information or answers to questions (Hours: Weekdays 8:30-17:15)

Regarding Classes and Student Teaching

  • Student Affairs Division—06-6879-7107

Concerning Extracurricular Activities

  • Student Support Division—06-6879-7120

Concerning Students Currently Studying Abroad and International Students

  • International Student Affairs Division—06-6879-7164


Staff members, please consult the Department of Safety and Hygiene.


If you develop symptoms such as fever, coughing, or diarrhea, or members of your family or other persons residing in the same residence or nearby develop symptoms resembling influenza, please contact the Department of Safety and Hygiene immediately and follow their instructions.  


Department of Safety and Hygiene  
Phone number during office hours: 06-6879-4023, After-office hours phone number: 06-6879-7018


May 17, 2009
Osaka University President


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