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A(H1N1) influenza announcement #13


Announcement #13 regarding the New Type of Influenza

Classes & Extracurricular Activities

—lifting of the cancellation of the above—

Osaka University cancelled all classes between May 17 and May 24. During that time, the A(H1N1) virus spread widely and it has become evident that it will take some time before this trend ends in Hyogo and Osaka Prefectures.

Considering the above, (1) we must take a long-term approach to dealing with the spread of this virus, (2) viewing the symptoms and seriousness of those infected with the virus, it appears that the risk posed by this illness is currently no greater than that of a normal seasonal influenza. Consequently, the Education Committee has concluded that the demerits of imposing a long cancellation of classes outweigh any merits and have decided to hold classes once again.

Therefore, the restrictions in announcement #9 are lifted and classes at Osaka University will resume as normal from Monday, May 25. However, extracurricular activities are forbidden through Sunday, May 31.

The new virus is continuing to spread widely. Therefore, despite the contents of this announcement #13, we cannot rule out the cancellation of certain classes or activities due to a situation involving persons infected with the virus. For that reason, please continue to pay close attention to Osaka University home pages and KOAN for the latest information.

Changes to previously issued cancellation notices—effective from Mon., May 25:

  • •    All undergraduate and graduate classes may be held once again. The same applies to classes held off-campus.
  • •    All research and laboratory activities, including group activities, may be resumed. However, please pay attention to minimizing the potential spread of the virus.
  • •    All undergraduate and graduate students may attend off-campus academic conferences and the like at the discretion of the sponsor(s) of the event. Students planning to attend such, please pay attention to minimizing the potential spread of the virus.
  • •    All lectures may again be held on the campus. However, please pay attention to minimizing the potential spread of the virus.

Activities for which the cancellation order will remain in place through Sun., May 31:

  • •    All undergraduate and graduate student on-campus seminars and conferences.
  • •    All extracurricular activities.

Please keep in mind that if one contracts this new influenza, it is not merely a problem of the person who becomes ill, but it is also a problem for those around him/her. Therefore, please exercise care and your responsibility as a member of the Osaka University community.

Continue to observe the measures outlined in Announcement #10 regarding minimizing one’s potential to contract this virus.


Finally, if you should exhibit symptoms of this influenza (fever, coughing, sneezing, and/or diarrhea), please contact the Department of Safety and Hygiene at once.

  • Phone number during office hours: 06-6879-4023
  • After-office hours phone number: 06-6879-7018


May 22, 2009
Osaka University President


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