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Protect your Personal Information!


Your personal information is not something to be casual about!

Earlier this year, the University urged students to be careful about cults posing as circles or clubs.

However, since April 2009, the University has received numerous complaints involving solicitors attempting to obtain personal information from students. For example, a student was forced to provide personal information on the pretense of being offered a part-time job, or cases in which students were aggressively urged to purchase English conversation lessons or a water purifier for their apartment. 


Protect your personal information--information such as your address, phone number and email address are valuable!


In the case of overly persistent organizations or companies:

1. Be very clear in your refusal. (Don't worry about the solicitors' feelings. He/She is used to being turned down.)

2. Don't continue to talk with him/her. Walk away.

3. Discuss what to do with friends or persons you trust.

4. Use the internet to find out more about the supposed company or organization.

If you don't trust the solicitor, or if you feel aggressively solicited, contact the Student Center!

Student Center telephone numbers:

Toyonaka: 06-6580-5021

Suita: 06-6879-7086

Minoh: 072-730-5080


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