Professor Ninshu Ma, Joining and Welding Research Institute

Professor Ninshu Ma, Joining and Welding Research Institute

Professor Ninshu Ma
Department of Joining Mechanics and Analyses, Joining and Welding Research Institute

"Join to the World"

Prof. Ninshu Ma was born in the small village of FengXiang county located about 100 km from Xian, China. He came to Japan in 1989 after studying and working for 10 years at Xian Jiao Tong University in China. He received his doctoral degree in Engineering from Osaka University in 1994 and went on to work for 21 years as a professional consultant in the field of computer-aided engineering at Japan Research Institute (JRI). Now, he is working as a professor at Joining and Welding Research Institute, Osaka University.

Joining and forming assessment is his specialty

Prof. Ma’s basic and theoretical research is on the development of computing methods and their FEM (Finite Element Method) software for analysis of multi-physical phenomena in joining and forming processes. JWRIAN, the software developed in Prof. Ma’s laboratory, has been used to predict welding deformation and residual stress not only in welded joints, but also in huge practical structures such as those in ships and other vehicles. Recently, Prof. Ma focuses this thermal-mechanical coupling analysis on various joining processes of dissimilar materials (metal/metal, metal/plastics, metal/CFRP, and metal/ceramic), as well as the additive manufacturing process and the assessment of structural components.

Creating a globalized atmosphere in education and research at OU

Prof. Ma’s lab has 14 Japanese students, 6 international students, 2 Japanese researchers and 2 international researchers. Japanese and international students cooperate well in their research activities and exchange various aspects of each of their cultures in an environment that promotes positive communication among lab members.

Prof. Ma says, “Osaka University has made great progress in the globalization of its education, including lectures in English for graduate students.” JWRI has accepted and educated many graduate students from all over the world. Prof. Ma adds, “In order to make further progress, the double degree system and joint research activities with foreign universities need to be enhanced.”

Life in Osaka and Japan

Prof. Ma has lived in Osaka for 30 years. He likes the hard working attitude of Japanese people and the emphasis placed on teamwork. He also says, “The culture of Osaka is attractive and unique. Osakans are good at telling jokes and like to communicate when buying things. Sometimes, however, people from overseas have difficulties in understanding the difference between Japanese kindness and indirect opinions.” Professor Ma seems to recognize not only the strength that comes from his wide range of experience, but also what is expected of him as a professor with an international background. His active involvement in both his field of research and education will surely make an enormous contribution to the globalization of Osaka University.

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