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Ms. Shuurai Mendbayar, Director, Department of Cooperation, The National University of Mongolia

Ms. Shuurai Mendbayar
Department of Cooperation
The National University of Mongolia

 "Growing Globally: International scholar powers partnerships using knowledge and skills gained at OU"

Ms. Shuurai Mendbayar completed her master’s degree at the Graduate School of Human Sciences as a recipient of the Project for Human Resource Development Scholarship by Japanese Grant Aid (JDS). JDS offers opportunities for youth, in particular, highly capable officials (mainly government) in Japanese grant aid recipient countries, to engage in implementing social and economic development plans as leaders of the future.





Enhancing international partnerships between overseas institutions and the National University of Mongolia

After completing her studies at Osaka University, Ms. Mendbayar returned to Mongolia to resume her career at the National University of Mongolia as a senior staff member responsible for international relations. During her studies at Osaka University as a JDS recipient, she dreamed of developing a partnership between Osaka University and her university, a partnership that was eventually realized due to her efforts as leader of the department in charge.

Ms. Mendbayar devotes herself to establishing and developing partnerships between her university and external institutions, including those located overseas, by coordinating and hosting a variety of events and meetings. She has found this responsibility to be very rewarding and enjoys amazing experiences.

In 2015, the National University of Mongolia became the first institution in the country to be selected as a coordinating institution for TACTIC (Through Academic Cooperation Towards Innovative Capacity), a capacity building project of the European Union’s Erasmus+. She is very proud of this success as someone who worked on this project on behalf of her university.


The merits of studying at Osaka University and her goals for the future

What Ms. Mendbayar appreciated most during her studies at the Graduate School of Human Science is critical thinking, a skill taught to her by her supervisor Professor Nobuhide Sawamura that helps her make many decisions at work to this day.

She believes in a better future that everyone can contribute to creating. From her position, she constantly supports students and young researchers to become global citizens for their personal and academic growth, which brings her joy both in her work and in her life. With such talented youth, Ms. Mendbayar believes that our future will be brilliant. Thus, her goal as an official of the Mongolian government is to continue to cultivate her students and researchers in order to achieve a better society.

A message to OU students

“Osaka University is one of the most prestigious universities not only in Japan but also in the world. It hosts the best Japanese and foreign professors and provides excellent learning and research facilities, including libraries, labs, and nice campuses. Please talk to your professors, ask them questions during classes, and express yourself openly. Don’t be shy, be critical thinkers. Make friends with foreign students, teach them about the beautiful culture of Japan, and learn from them. Just as its motto states, Osaka University definitely gives you the chance to ‘Live Locally and Grow Globally’.”

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