Mr. Junichi Omori, President of Daikin Industries (Thailand)

Mr. Junichi Omori, President of Daikin Industries (Thailand)

Mr. Junichi Omori
President of Daikin Industries (Thailand) Ltd.

"White-hot passion for keeping the world cool"

An aspiring engineer finds his perfect match

After graduating from the School of Engineering Science at Osaka University in 1989, Mr. Omori entered Daikin Industries, a global manufacturing firm specializing in air conditioners fitted with cutting-edge technology, working at various locations around the world such as China, the United States, and India. Mr. Omori began at his current position as President of Daikin Industries in Thailand since 2017.

Since his childhood, Mr. Omori had always aspired to become an engineer engaged in monozukuri , or the Japanese concept of craftmanship. This aspiration may have come from the respect he had for his father. Since he was especially good at mathematics, Mr. Omori was faced with several options when choosing a university to enter following high school. The School of Engineering Science at Osaka University was the ideal place for him, as the school strives to strike a careful balance between basic and applied research.

Utilizing OU’s strengths to make the most of college life

Moreover, Osaka University prides itself in its long history of collaboration with industrial circles, which in turn allows students to get a closer look at practical work performed at corporations. His supervisor, Professor Kozo Osakada, also had strong ties with corporations, which provided Mr. Omori with opportunities to expand his personal network. As he continued his studies in this stimulating environment, he solidified his decision to become an engineer that contributes to monozukuri . “I now fully agree that what one learns at university is indeed meaningful and useful for working in society,” says Mr. Omori, looking back on his days at OU.

Opportunity strikes: taking business overseas to enhance global presence

For over a decade, he devoted his time to engaging in the development of air conditioners while gradually becoming interested in working overseas in order to further expand the company’s presence on the global market. Mr. Omori got his chance in 2002 when he was dispatched to Daikin’s operations in Shanghai. For the next 10 years, he dedicated himself to dealing with planning and marketing for overseas customers, including those in China, the United States and India, which made for an exceptionally fulfilling period in his career.

The world comes to you at OU

While serving in management positions for the past decade, Mr. Omori has found enjoyment in responsibilities outside of those he had as an engineer. In particular, he has found that it is indispensable for people working overseas to know and respect other cultures and backgrounds. He keeps up with developments at Osaka University from time to time through contacts at the OU ASEAN Campus project, and he recognizes that one of the most valuable privileges of being a student at OU is the abundance of opportunities to mingle with people from different countries and backgrounds. “Like it or not, we live in globalized society. People with different backgrounds live together in the same society and learn about each other’s cultures.” He continues, “The current generation has achieved high levels of knowledge in certain disciplines as their major at university, which is certainly appreciated in society. However, I wish to encourage these students to learn more about different cultures and values by making the most of the opportunities available to them at university, where all of this rich diversity can be found. That is your privilege as a student at OU, one of the top global universities in Japan.”

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