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2020 SHIBA Ryotaro Memorial Academic Lecture [Online]

2020-11-14 (Sat) 13:00 -

This year’s SHIBA Ryotaro Memorial Academic Lecture will be held online to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The program of this event includes the Memorial Lecture entitled “The Path Japan Has Taken” by novelist ASAI Makate and "Bibliobattle," a book review competition by OU students.

We hope that you will tune in and join us.

Date and time

Saturday, November 14, 2020 – 13:00~14:40


Host greeting

NISHIO Shojiro (President, Osaka University)


 In the Bibliobattle, OU students will hold review and Q&A sessions for their favorite SHIBA Ryotaro’s works.

The champion and runner-up will be decided through votes cast by viewers.

Lecture: Novelist ASAI Makate on SHIBA Ryotaro’s Life and Work

Lecturer: ASAI Makate (Novelist)

Voice-over reading of SHIBA’s works: OGAWA Mayu (Announcer)

 How to participate

Prior registration is not required for this event, and anyone may join. Access the following URL or QR code to tune in.

Speaker profiles

[Lecturer] ASAI Makate

Born in Osaka in 1959 and a graduate of the Faculty of Letters at Konan Women’s University. ASAI Makate made her debut as a novelist after receiving an Encouragement Prize at the Shousetsu Gendai Long Novel Newcomer Awards in 2008.

She received the Naoki Prize in 2014 for Renka, which depicted the life of NAKAJIMA Utako, a Japanese waka and tanka poet. Some of the other awards received by Ms. Asai include the Oda Sakunosuke Prize for Oranda Saikaku, the Nakayama Gishu Literary Prize for Kurara, the Funahashi Seiichi Literary Prize for Fukubukuro, the Chuo Koron Literary Prize for Unjo Unge, and the Shiba Ryotaro Prize for Akudamaden.

Her newest novels include Rondo, which depicts the unknown life of actress IZAWA Ranja, and Louis, the story of MORI Ogai’s  youngest child.

[Book Reading] OGAWA Mayu (voice-over)

Ms. Ogawa graduated with a Japanese major in the Department of International Culture, School of Foreign Studies, Osaka University in 2008. She entered the Wakayama Broadcasting System in the same year, where she served as an announcer and reporter in education, sports, and prefectural government, while appearing as a subcaster on news programs. She entered Osaka Broadcasting Corporation as an announcer in 2011, where she worked on music, information, and news programs. Since 2016, Ms. Ogawa has worked mainly for NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation). After serving as a caster at NHK Kanazawa, she is currently working as a news reporter at NHK Osaka.  In addition to working as an MC for events and an instructor at an announcer's school, her activity ranges from narration, reading, lecturing, to writing.

What is Bibliobattle?

Also known as an “intellectual book review battle,”  the Bibliobattle is a competition conceived and named in Japan in which contestants introduce their book recommendations to see which book the judges want to read most. According to the Bibliobattle Promotion Committee's official rules, contestants are given 5 minutes each to talk about the appeal of their book of choice, and the book that garners the most votes is the champion.

Bibliobattle voting

Voting for the Bibliobattle will take place online.


Regional Engagement Section, Social Engagement Division, Department of Co-creation Promotion


In cooperation with: Sankei Shimbun, Co. Ltd.

Supported by: SHIBA Ryotaro Memorial Financial Group

Sponsored by: Sakuyakai (Osaka University School of Foreign Studies/Osaka University of Foreign Studies Alumni Association)

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