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Study Abroad Consultations with Faculty Members

2020-4-14 (Tue) - 2020-8-6 (Thu)

We will be holding individual consultation sessions with faculty members from the Center of International Education and Exchange. These sessions will be held primarily during the period in which school is in session, and those who register beforehand will get priority on the day of the reservation. Those thinking about applying to an exchange program or just have an interest in studying abroad are encouraged to come and consult with our faculty members.

We ask that you register beforehand and come to the venue on the day specified on your reservation.

Schedule for the 2020-2021 academic year

If there are any changes to this schedule, they will be announced via your Study Abroad Portfolio.

Toyonaka Campus (Reservations necessary)

• Dates and Times:

Every Thursday during the semester -- 12:00~13:00

• Venue:

CIEE Short-Term Program Development Team Office, Osaka University Hall (3F, Room 317)

Minoh Campus (Reservations necessary)

 • Dates and Times:

Every Tuesday during the semester -- 12:00 ~ 13:00

• Venue:

Center for International Education and Exchange Office, Minoh Campus (1F, B Wing)

Suita Campus (Reservations necessary)

• Dates and Times:

Please confirm the date and time of your session in your Study Abroad Portfolio.

• Venue:

IC Hall, Suita Campus

How to Apply:

Please make reserve your consultation session through the "Consultation Session Reservation" portion of the Study Abroad Portfolio. To view the Study Abroad Portfolio, click here.


Center for International Education and Exchange: go-abroad(at)

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