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SOGI Seminar – What does it mean to “accept diversity”? Creating a university where everyone can thrive and let their individuality shine through

2019-9-26 (Thu) 13:30 -


In July 2017, Osaka University established the “Osaka University Basic Policy Regarding Diversity in Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI)” and has been active in its endeavors in acknowledging diversity and rights regarding SOGI and eliminating prejudice and discrimination based on SOGI.

For this seminar, we’ll welcome Professor NAKATSUKA Mikiya (Dean, Graduate School of Health Sciences, Okayama University/Physician, Osaka University Gender Clinic/Chairman, Japanese Society of Gender Identity Disorder) to speak with us, after which students and students with special needs will also take the stage to talk about their own experiences regarding SOGI. Details about the seminar are listed below.

Let’s discuss sexual orientation and gender identity in order to make sure that campus life at Osaka University provides everyone with the opportunity to let their individuality shine through.

Date and Time

Thursday, September 26, 2019 - 13:30~15:30


Conference Room 1, 1F, Convention Center, Osaka University Suita Campus

Intended for 

Osaka University students, faculty, and staff

How to apply 

*Prior applications are necessary to attend this seminar.

Please send an email or fax containing (1)~(4) to the address/number listed below.

(1) Name (furigana), (2) organization, (3) job title (year in school), (4) email address

Application period

Applications will be accepted until Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Applications are no longer being accepted.

*Those individuals who required special accommodations should contact us by Wednesday, September 4.

*Please note that we may refuse applications before the deadline if we receive a large number of applications.

*Please title your application email "SOGI Seminar Application" when applying to attend this seminar.


Osaka University Center for Gender Equality Promotion

TEL: 06-6105-5989 (ext. 5989)

FAX: 06-6879-4406 

E-mail: ki-danjyo-shien[at]

(Please replace [at] with @ when contacting this address.)

Co-hosted by

Center for Gender Equality Promotion/Health and Counseling Center/Student Life Committee

*To view a flyer and program for this seminar, please visit the Center for Gender Equality Promotion homepage (

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