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Research Highlights

Professor Yukinori Okada, Graduate School of Medicine

Professor Toshie Kai, Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences

Professor Akira Oiwa, The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research

Professor Yasufumi Fujiwara, Graduate School of Engineering

Professor Tamotsu Yoshimori, Graduate School of Medicine / Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences

Professor Genji Kurisu, Institute for Protein Research

Dr. Yanjun Li, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Engineering

Dr. Michi Nishihara, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Economics

Professor Kei Ohkubo, Institute for Advanced Co-Creation Studies

Dr. Azusa N. Hattori, The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research

Professor Masaru Ishii, Department of Immunology and Cell Biology, Graduate School of Medicine / Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences

Professor Satoshi Obika, Bioorganic Chemistry, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Professor Asako Miura, Graduate School of Human Sciences

Professor Takashi Nakano, Director, Research Center for Nuclear Physics

Professor Masateru Taniguchi, The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research

Professor Hiroyasu Iso / Dr. Kokoro Shirai, Specially Appointed Associate Professor Department of Public Health Graduate School of Medicine

Dr. Masaharu Hasebe, Graduate School of Science

Professor Keisuke Fujii, Graduate School of Engineering Science

Dr. Tamami Nakano, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences

Dr. Hajime Yoshino, Associate Professor, Cyber Media Center

OU StoryZ

StoryZ of Research

Creating Mechanisms for Disaster Prevention and Monitoring through Regional Cooperation Utilizing IT

Creating Revolutionary Metal Complexes that Defy Common Wisdom in Materials Science -- Takumi KONNO (Professor, Graduate School of Science)

On to Stage 3! A New Model of Industry-University Collaboration at OU

Curing Tongue Cancer without Surgery—Aiming to Spread the Use of Radiation Therapy

Changing people’s behavior for the better by using gimmicks

Medicine, Neuroscience, Science, Engineering, and Industry closely cooperate towards the development of “Super Nippon-Jin”

"Autophagy"- The Nobel Prize-Winning Research Gaining World-Wide Publicity

Making it possible to predict local heavy rainfalls -- Research and Development of High-speed and High-resolution Weather Radar

Approaches to Understanding Young People from New Social Consciousness Studies

Unraveling the Mysteries of the "Flagellar Motor" of Swimming Bacteria

“Glowing Proteins” That Can Help Solve Medical and Energy Problems and Revolutionize the Society of the Future

Changing world manufacturing through an innovative manufacturing process using microwaves

Changing R&D and the Business Model from Osaka University Collaborative Research Centers

A Passion to Develop and Commercialize Anti-Cancer Drugs Made in Japan, by Japan

OU's Industry on Campus

Challenging Innovations in Synthetic Chemistry

The Secret to the Strength of Immunology Research at Osaka University -- Over 100 Years of Tradition and Research

Challenging the Mysteries of the Brain Function of "Sight" with a German Research Team

The Mystery of Cells that Regenerate Daily -- Chasing the Enigma of Autophagy

Turning Osaka University into a Global Hub for Asia-Pacific Researchers

Challenging Measurement, Observation, and Creation at the Atomic Level

Chemistry Lies in the Foundation of the Life Phenomenon -- World-class Achievement in Polymer Chemistry Studies

For a Healthy and Happy Retirement for the Elderly -- Approaches from Cognitive Science and Social Gerontology

Bursting into the Unknown World with Passion and Fury -- Creating Innovative Technology Not for Reducing CO2, But for Utilizing It

In Pursuit of the Construction of “Biological Nanomachines”

Making the Ultimate Nanodevices Possible in a World-Class Theorist Tag Team

Improving Quality of Life for Children with Challenges and Their Parents

Osaka University Distinguished Professor - "The Best Part of Research is Challenging What We Don't Know"

Gathering Knowledge From All Over the World to Enhance Economic Theory

Without Questioning We Cannot Know, and Without Knowing We Cannot Question

I Want to See the Microscopic World with My Own Eyes!

Viewing the Past through 'mokkan' [thin pieces of wood used to write on in ancient times] and Gardens

World's Preeminent Immunology Studies at Osaka University

The Key to Robot Control Lies in the Adept Movement of Living Things

The Mystery of Skin Pattern Formation and Blinking -- Unraveling a Life System Riddle

Representing a New Perspective of World History from Viewpoints of Japan and Asia

Curiosity Common to Humankind -- Elucidating the Evolution of Life from the Dawn of Time to the Birth of the Solar System

Language Conveys Culture, Society, and Times

Challenging Possibilities of Material Research by Learning from Nature

Kazutake TSUJIKAWA, Professor, Department of Medical Pharmacy, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Sensuke OGOSHI, Professor, Graduate School of Engineering

Yoshitaka FUJITA, Associate Professor, Research Center for Nuclear Physics

Masashi KASHIWAGI, Professor, Graduate School of Engineering

Yoko YUMOTO, Professor, Graduate School of Language and Culture

Tsutomu ARAKI, Professor, Graduate School of Engineering

Yasumasa FUJISAKI, Professor, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology

Tomoki SEKIGUCHI, Professor, Graduate School of Economics

Keita KOBAYASHI, Assistant Professor, Research Center for Ultra-High Voltage Electron Microscopy

Haruo FUJINO, Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Human Sciences

Azusa HATTORI, Assistant Professor, The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research

Yosuke SUNAHARA, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Law and Politics

Akira KINJO, Professor, Institute for Protein Research

Rieko MURAMATSU, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Medicine

Yusuke WAJIMA, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Letters

Junko UMEDA, Assistant Professor, Joining and Welding Research Institute

Yumi SUGAHARA (Associate Professor, Studies in Language and Society, Graduate School of Language and Culture)

Riko NISHIMURA (Professor, Course for Oral Sciences, Graduate School of Dentistry)

Miwa SASAI, Assistant Professor, Research Institute for Microbial Diseases

Shinya FUKUNAGA, Professor, Division of Studies on Cultural Forms, Graduate School of Letters

Junko KANOH - Associate Professor, Institute for Protein Research

Sotaro KATSUMATA, Associate Professor, Business and Management Program, Graduate School of Economics

Interlocking Three "Expert Gears" to Elucidate the Immune System

A life devoted to the study of Noh Theater, a world that was completely alien to her -- Kaoru NAKAO (Associate Professor, Cultural Representation Program, Graduate School of Letters)

Hiroyasu KIDOYA (Assistant Professor, Department of Signal Transduction, Research Institute of Microbial Diseases)

Combining the Ordinary and the Extraordinary to Research the Future of Construction and Mining Equipment [Komatsu MIRAI Construction Equipment Cooperative Research Center]

Elucidating the Nanoparticle Production Process Leads to its First Ever Successful Numerical Calculation

StoryZ of Alumni

IZUTANI Yachiyo, Director, Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) Nara

TAJIMA Kazuo, Director, Aichi Cancer Center Research Institute

TAKEUCHI Keisuke, Chairman and Representative Director, JGC Corporation

SHINYO Takahiro, Vice President, Kwansei Gakuin University; GM, International Strategy Office, KG; former Japanese Ambassador to Germany

Machiko NAMBU, Chairperson, Kobe Cruiser

Sadao NAKAMURA (Oil Painter)

Yasushi NISHI (Announcer, Mainichi Broadcast System, Inc.)

OB Stories Special Edition: President Toshio HIRANO Vol. 1

OB Stories Special Edition: President Toshio HIRANO Vol. 2

Kouji TOYOSHIMA (Chief Engineer, ZF Product Planning, Mid-Size Vehicle Company, Toyota Motor Corporation)

Yukari INOUE (Managing Director for Japan and Korea, Kellogg Company)

Takeshi TOMIOKA (Assistant Section Chief, 2nd Telecommunications Consumer Policy Division, Telecommunications Business Department, Telecommunications Bureau, Ministry of International Affairs and Communications)

Teppei TSUSHIMA (General Manager, wena Project, New Business Creation Department, Sony, Inc.)

Shinichiro MAKI (Director, Osaka Tennoji Zoo)

Noriyuki SHIRAKUNI (Corporate Officer and General Manager of the Maglev System Development Section, Chuo Shinkansen Promotion Division, Central Japan Railway Company (JR Central))

Katsuyuki KAWATSURA (Executive Vice President and Representative Director, Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.)

Kotono HARA & Tatsushi MIYAKI (Economic Policy Division, Economic Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Saori NISHIIKE (Weathercaster, Mainichi Broadcasting System/Weather Forecaster, Minami Forecasters Agency)

Noriko TAKEUCHI (President, Congress Corporation)

Hiroko NAMURA (Director/Lawyer, Osaka Office, Toranomon Chuo Law Firm)

Takashi MIMURA (Honorary Fellow, Fujitsu Laboratories, Ltd.)

Hisao TAKETSURU and Toshio TAKETSURU (Taketsuru Sake Brewery)

Kazuhiro TSUGA (President, Panasonic)

Kei TSUKIYAMA (Author)

Ryuichiro NAKAO (President, Recruit Technologies Co., Ltd.)

StoryZ of Campus Life

Light Music Club SWING - Annual Award Winners at the Highest Level Competitions in Japan

Strength as a Team Conquers "Fastest Sport on Two Feet" (Men's Lacrosse Team "Cyclops")

[Osaka University Baseball Club] Playing Team Baseball to Become the "Strongest Team in Club History"

Japanese Archery Club - Winners of the Men’s and Women’s Team and Individual Competitions at the Seven Universities Meet

OU Undergrads Win Grand Prize in National Public Policy Proposal Forum!

A Powerful, Spectacular Performance that Only Students Can Deliver (OU Orchestra)

No Ring, No Coach, No Problem - OU Sumo Club's Determination Leads to Remarkable Success Despite the Odds

Young Women of OU Challenge the World

Tobitate! Study Abroad - The Young Women of Class 2 from OU

Aiming to Become a World-Class Hat Designer

On Stage in America, the Home of Comedy - Livening the Crowd with a Single Mic (Saku YANAGAWA, 4th Year, School of Letters)

OU Student becomes 2nd Japanese and 1st female Lego® Master Model Builder

Delivering Good Fortune from the God of Scholarship (Jade Thiriat, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology)

A Half-Century in the Making - OU Student Dominates Kansai Tennis

OKAZAKI Mizuki, 3rd-year student, Department of Physics, School of Science

Saki NISHIYAMA, Class of 2015, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, moves onward and upward in her life, holding fast to her love of the piano

Leading construction equipment manufacturer KOMATSU fascinates visiting students

Asahi Breweries, Ltd. ensures quality by coupling advanced technology with human experience

The Key to Progress is Team Unity: Go for Division 1! - Osaka University American Football Club

OU Festival Dance Club "MADANI" -- Delivering Local Kansai Energy throughout Japan through their Original Dances

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