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Osaka University Website Policy


This official website of Osaka University is managed by the Publicity Relations Division in the Department of Planning. If you have an inquiry concerning this website, please direct your inquiry to the address specified at the bottom of this page or to the address posted on the page you are visiting.
The respective websites of schools linked from this website and the web pages of such schools linked to this site are managed by the respective schools and their respective webmasters.


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As long as you understand that the URLs and content of this website are subject to change and/or suspension of service without prior notice, you are, in principle, free to place a link to our website from your site/page. If you make such a link, please inform us of your name, contact info, and URL by mailing to

Please note that we will not reply to your mail. However, we reserve the right to request you remove your link depending on the content of your website or the type of link. Additionally, we will not be held responsible for any damage or trouble caused by linking to our website.

Your opinions about our website

Please email your opinions to the Publicity Relations Division, Department of Planning, Osaka University. For inquiries about miscellaneous services, please refer to Contact list—inquiry related.

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