Studying at OU as an Exchange Student

1. What is student exchange program?

Student exchange programs at Osaka University are programs that accept students from universities which have contracts with OU and send OU students to those universities according to student exchange agreements which OU entered into with overseas universities for the purpose of increasing student mobility.

Under the student exchange agreements, most agreements allow students to take classes without paying additional fees so that exchange students from institutions under agreements can take classes at Osaka University without paying any additional tuition fees.

The number of students to be allowed to participate in this program varies depending on the agreement; however, this program aims to promote student exchange between universities while keeping a balance in the number of students based on exchange plans and mutual discussions.

2. Universities with Agreements

There are two types of student exchange agreements: university-to-university agreements and school-to-school agreements. School-to-school agreements allow regular students belonging to a school or graduate school with an agreement with its counterpart at Osaka University to take classes in the school, graduate school, or research institute included in the agreement. This agreement allows students to take classes only in the school, graduate school, or research institute having the agreement. To see which universities have university-to-university and school-to-school agreements with Osaka University, go here.

3. Exchange Students

Exchange students refer to students who are officially recommended by their home universities in an agreement with OU and study at OU without aiming to earn credits from OU. Those who enroll in OU as Japanese Government Scholarship Students and privately funded international students in order to obtain a degree are not referred to as exchange students. Exchange students are allowed to study at OU for up to a year.

4. How to Apply

Regardless of the type of agreement, this program is for universities and schools to exchange students based on the agreement between two universities. Information about recruitment of students will be sent to exchange program staff at universities in an agreement with OU. Please get information from them. We cannot respond to requests from students or others in person.

5. How to enroll in OU as an exchange student

Students at universities having agreement with OU are requested to visit the websites of their home universities and contact exchange student program staff at their home universities. Even if students are recommended by their home universities, unless they pass a screening at OU, they are not allowed to study at OU.

A. University-to-university agreements

  1. Be recommended by your home university as an exchange student candidate.
  2. Choose a program from the four exchange student programs.
  3. Receive information about the program from exchange student program staff at your home university.
  4. Log in the Osaka University Exchange Student Program, fill in the application form, and upload necessary documents.
  5. Individuals who passed the screening: complete an online application for coming to Japan in the Osaka University Exchange Student Program System.

B. School-to-school agreements

Students hoping to study at OU are requested to ask exchange student program staff at their home universities if their home universities or schools are in an agreement with the corresponding graduate or undergraduate school at OU and if it is recruiting exchange students. If you are recommended by your home university, make an inquiry about if you will be accepted or not by the school of your choice at OU through exchange student program staff at your home university. After the school decides on which way to accept you, you must complete the application procedures for the exchange student program at that school.

6. School Calendar

  • 1st semester (Spring and Summer Terms): April 1. ~ September 30 (classes are held: early April ~ mid-August) Students arrive in Japan late March ~ early April
  • 2nd semester (Autumn and Winter Terms): October 1 ~ March 31 (classes are held: October 1 ~ mid-February) Students arrive in Japan in mid-September

7. Contact

Prior to making an inquiry -- Students hoping to study at OU are requested to contact the exchange student program staff at their home universities.

A. University-wide Student Exchange Programs

iExPO, OUSSEP & FrontierLab


Exchange Students Staff, International Student Affairs Section, International Student Affairs Division, Department of International Affairs


Center for Japanese Language and Culture Section

Minoh Campus Office, Graduate School of Humanities


B. Individual Programs Offered by Schools

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