Maple -- Application Process

Recommendation from Universities in Exchange Agreements with OU

Those students from universities with agreements with OU who are recommended as candidates for the programs will proceed with their application.

Once the information of the recommended students is registered online by the exchange students program staff at your home universities, you can make an application for University-wide Exchange Programs (OUSSEP/iEXPO/FrontierLab/Maple).

If there is a limit to the exchange programs available, time abroad, and entrance timing, students must follow the instructions given by exchange student program at his or her home university.

Here, we’ll introduce the application process for a student who has already been selected to study at Osaka University.

*In the case of an actual application, please download the latest guidelines from the Osaka University website and read them carefully before making an application.

Necessary Environment to Apply

University-wide Exchange Programs only accept applications via the internet. Applications by postal mail, by e-mail, and in person will not be accepted. The following environment is necessary for applying over the internet.

- Computer running Windows or Mac OS with a reliable internet connection
- Scanner
- Microsoft Office, PDF conversion software

The exchange program online application system currently does not support data transfer from mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. We recommend using the student-use computers at your university.

University-wide Exchange Program Schedule

We accept applications twice a year, for entrance in April and entrance at the end of September. However, some universities with agreements with OU accept applications for only one of the two semesters, so please confirm the application period at your university by speaking with exchange students program staff at your home university.

Note: Maple is a one-year program starting from September.

1)    Acceptance of Application and selection at your university (in an exchange agreement with OU) (1~2 years before study abroad)
2)    Student registration by exchange student program staff at your university (entrance in September: February; entrance in April: September)
3) Student web application (entrance in September: February ~ March; entrance in April: September ~ October)
4) Notification of acceptance: (entrance in September: end of May; entrance in April: end of December)
5) Entrance procedures/confirmation of intent (entrance in September: June; entrance in April: January)
6) University housing decision notice* (entrance in September: mid-August; entrance in April: mid-February)
7) Application for student visa/travel arrangements (entrance in September: late August ~ mid-September; entrance in April: mid- to late March)
8) Arrival in Japan/move-in (entrance in September: mid- to late September; entrance in April: beginning of April)
9) Commencement of studies and research (entrance in September: October 1; entrance in April: early April)

*Only for those who applied

Required documents

The documents required for application are listed below. Please follow the instructions on the application website with regard to the details of each item. Applications by postal mail and e-mail will not be accepted.

  • Web application form
  • Reason for application
  • Future goals
  • School/graduate school of one’s choice (OUSSEP, iExPO only)
  • Courses of study of one’s choice (iExPO special auditors/OUSSEP only)
  • Research plan (iExPO special research students/FrontierLab only)
  • Independent research application (for students who wish to perform independent research in OUSSEP)
  • Most recent academic transcript
  • One (1) letter of recommendation from a faculty member of your university
  • Foreign language test score report
  • Copy of your passport

In addition to the documents listed above, after acceptance into Osaka University, you will submit a Financial Support Plan for exchange program expenses as well as proof of financial documents, an ID photo, and an entrance agreement form.

Exchange Program Scholarships (Incoming)

Students from universities with agreements with OU who apply to University-wide Exchange Programs are eligible to apply for scholarships from JASSO or Osaka University Student Exchange Support.

Those who wish to apply for scholarships must enter their intent for this scholarship when applying for the program. Applicants will be notified of the results of these scholarship at the end of May (if entering the university in September) or the end of February (if entering the university in April).

The number of students receiving scholarship funds and the proportion of these funds varies greatly from year to year, and students are chosen through applicant screening at Osaka University. There is no guarantee that you can receive scholarship funds if you apply to a University-wide Exchange Program at Osaka University. In the selection for academic scholarships, grades, plan of study, preparedness, etc. will all be comprehensively screened along with the contents of your application and submitted documents.

The estimate for scholarship funding is 320,000~400,000 yen for students studying for one semester and 800,000~880,000 yen for students studying for one year. Because this funding is not intended to be a full scholarship, this funding comes with the assumption that part of the necessary funding will be provided by you or another scholarship. There are no scholarships that exchange students can apply for after arriving in Japan/entering Osaka University.

University Housing

At Osaka University, there is both on-campus and off-campus housing available for students. As a general rule, those from universities with agreements with OU who will participate in the University-wide Exchange Program are guaranteed a single room in university housing; however, due to lack of housing or other circumstances, you may not be placed in the dormitory of your choice. (OU will not recognize any changes or extensions in housing.)

Dormitory fees/rent, including electricity, gas, and water fees, come to about 50,000 yen/month. Exchange student dormitories at Osaka University contain no dining facilities.

Applications for housing will be accepted through the exchange program application webpage simultaneously with the confirmation of intent to enter the university after acceptance into the exchange program.

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