Admissions Assistance Desk (AAD)

For Prospective Graduate Students from Overseas

Admissions Assistance Desk (hereinafter called “AAD”) supports prospective international graduate students from overseas during the initial stage of application by working as a liaison between students and their prospective supervisors. Most faculties at Osaka University require prospective research or graduate students to receive an approval from their prospective supervisors before they apply to the programs of their interest. However, this initial stage can be complicated as international students might not know how to approach professors or what they can send. Professors also find it challenging to respond to a range of emails from prospective students—all sending various documents in different formats.

Therefore, during this initial stage, AAD assists prospective international students to efficiently prepare and deliver their documents to the professors (hereinafter referred to as “prospective supervisors”) under whose supervision they wish to study.

How to apply

Students can apply to AAD system through online application. Please apply to AAD service well in advance before the program deadline. The following “Guideline” explains the process in detail. Please read it carefully before you proceed with AAD online application.

Osaka University AAD Online Application System

*One of the documents you need to submit is “Statement of Purpose and Research Plan”. In order to make applicants’ documents consistent, we ask students to use the following format. Please download the template and write your “Statement of Purpose and Research Plan”.

Applications for students who wish to enter the university as research students at Osaka School of International Public Policy (OSIPP) differ from those listed above. Please check the following link for more information.


  • AAD does not make an admissions decision—it is an admissions assistance system prior to the program application process. If your application is approved by the prospective supervisor, you will be asked to contact the professor directly. However, this “proceed with a direct contact” notice from us does not mean that you would be accepted to your program. After AAD application, you must go through the admission process at the graduate school/research institute.
  • Please note that it is your responsibility to check and follow the application deadlines at your graduate school/research institute. AAD process takes approximately 3 weeks. Therefore, please leave enough time to prepare your application to the program.
  • Be sure to apply by yourself. Applying on behalf of another person is prohibited.

Contact Information

Admissions Assistance Desk (AAD)
Email: contact[at] (replace [at] with @)

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