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Activities carried out under the cross-appointment system for Winter Term 2017-2018

UC Davis Professor Teaches in Intensive Courses at OU under the Cross-Appointment System

Professor Tonya Lynn Kuhl (Department of Chemical Engineering, University of California, Davis) taught at Osaka University in January and February in 2018 under the Cross-Appointment System.

Professor Kuhl provided a lecture series entitled "Science of Coffee: Past, Present, and Future" in the courses “Frontier Lectures from University of California II” and “UC Frontier Science.”

She tailored the content of her classes for OU students and added some experiments so that many students could attend these lectures, regardless of specialty or field.

Those in attendance gave their thoughts on these courses, such as "Although all her classes were conducted in English, I understood them well and enjoyed," and "I would like to attend similar courses if I have a chance."

Professor Kuhl, a specialist in chemical engineering, together with the laboratory of Professor UMAKOSHI Hiroshi (Division of Chemical Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering Science), provided special lectures, participating in the division's master thesis presentations and other events.

She also participated in the meeting of the Steering Committee for Promoting Academic Exchange between Osaka University and the University of California, stating her opinions about fostering a relationship between Osaka University and UC Davis in the future.

Professor Kuhl motivated many students and academic staff, giving them priceless experience. Academic exchange primarily between faculty members in Osaka University and University of California will further develop under the Cross-Appointment System.


Lecture by Prof. Kuhl

Tonya Lynn Kuhl教授と大阪大学とカリフォルニア大学との学術交流推進室運営委員会出席者

Prof. Kuhl and participants in the Steering Committee meeting

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