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Activities carried out under the cross-appointment system for Winter Term 2019-2020

In December 2019, Specially Appointed Professor FUKURAI Hiroshi (Legal Studies and Sociology) of the University of California, Santa Cruz, visited Osaka University.

During his stay, Professor Fukurai taught in the Fundamental Education Course (Comprehensive Type) entitled “Frontier Lectures from University of California I: Race and the Law.” In this intensive course, students from the humanities and sciences discussed ethnic and international conflicts, the role of the International Criminal Court, and international law.

In this course, the students nurtured their ability to hold discussions and presentations in English while deepening their connection with the professor through interactive classes. A number of students gave their own impressions on the course, saying things like, “I was able to learn things that I never knew and look at things from a completely different perspective” and “I learned a lot through exchanging opinions with students of different nationalities.”

Also, on December 18, Prof. Fukurai taught in a class in a course entitled “Learning about World Affairs in English,” a series of lectures on the topic of “Listening to World Class Lectures: Learning about Universities in North America and their Cutting-Edge Research.”

Additionally, Professor Fukurai attended a meeting with Executive Vice President of Global Engagement KAWAHARA Genta and steering committee members of the Office for Academic Exchange with the University of California to exchange opinions on the value of diversity, endeavors necessary for the university to carry out, and the promotion of further international exchange between the two universities in the future

This visit by Prof. Fukurai, which was realized through the Cross Appointment System with the University of California, was a fruitful experience for many students, faculty, and staff members alike. Accepting professors from the University of California through the Cross Appointment System will further develop OU’s academic exchange with the university.

A lecture by Prof. Fukurai

Prof. Fukurai and the attendees at the meeting

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