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Intensive courses in the winter term

To All the International Students (both Undergraduate and Graduate)

Professor Tonya Kuhl, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of California, Davis, will visit Japan to deliver intensive courses. Prof. Kuhl will provide a lecture series entitled "Science of Coffee: Past, Present, and Future." She is vice chair of the department of Chemical Engineering, UC Davis, and is an instructor of the course entitled “The Design of Coffee,” which attracts interest from many UCD students. The present lecture series will be given by modifying the contents of “TDoC” course. This is a great opportunity to experience education of a state-of-the-art university in the United States, we hope that many students attend these lectures, regardless of your specialty or field. In addition, as this course is one of the lectures of "Frontier Lectures from University of California II” and “UC Frontier Science,” undergraduate students and graduate students can acquire credit for “advanced liberal arts subjects” and “international exchange subjects”, respectively. Students who wish to attend this lecture should register before Thursday, December 14th on KOAN.

◆ Lecture Code: 135237 "Frontier Lectures from University of California Ⅱ"

◆ Topic: Science of Coffee: Past, Present, and Future

◆ Language used in the seminar: English

◆ Time and Date:

Period 6, Monday, January 29th, Period 6, Thursday, February 1st

Period 6, Friday, February 2nd

Periods 1-2 and 4-5, Tuesday, February 6th

Periods 1-2 and 4-5, Wednesday, February 7th

Periods 1-2, Tuesday, February 13th

Periods 1-2, Thursday, February 15th

- Venue: To be announced (on Toyonaka Campus)

*Please apply for the series of the seminar according to the schedule below.

• Registration period: November 28th to December 14th, 16:30

• Cancellation period: December 18th to December 22nd, 16:30


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