UC Osaka Office Lecture Series -- Case Based Critical Thinking No. 8

UC Osaka Office Lecture Series -- Case Based Critical Thinking No. 8

The UC/UCEAP Osaka Office will be holding its eighth lecture in this special lecture series "Case Based Critical Thinking." The lecturer for this series is Dr. John Hampton Ino (Specially Appointed Professor, Office for Academic Exchange with the University of California; Professor Emeritus, University of California, San Francisco; former Director, UC Tokyo Study Center).
This special English lecture series is being conducted in an interactive seminar-style, based on group discussions about familiar topics. Participants consider things from multiple viewpoints, critically and pleasantly, through stakeholder analysis in order to develop logical thinking ability and communication skills.
Any student from OU may attend. Faculty wishing to observe the lecture are also welcome. You may attend this lecture even if you have not attended a lecture in this series before, so we hope to see some new faces as well! We only have room for 30 attendees, so make sure you register soon to guarantee your spot!

Date and Time

Thursday, October 15, 2015 - 13:30~16:40 (We will have a brief intermission from 15:00~15:10)


Lecture Room, 7F, Interdisciplinary Research Building, Toyonaka Campus

Lecture Overview

This lecture will challenge the students’ critical thinking skills. Students will be given case studies from new disruptive technologies. They will analyze the issue and answer the general question, “What should I do?”

The general “tools” they will use for analysis are :  1) stakeholder identification,  2) brainstorming rules

The personal dilemmas they will struggle with are :

1) Where should I stop on this "slippery slope"?

2) What is influencing my actions : feeling (emotion) or thinking (intellect)?

This month's topic : “Will genetic cyber-athletes come to dominate sports?”

Pre-materials are available here . You can check some articles and videos for this lecture in advance.

There will be a gathering hosted by OU-NAAA(Osaka University North American Alumini Association) from 5pm-7pm. Please inform the office if you would like to attend.

Fee for the gathering: 1,000yen for students/2,000yen for non-students

How to Apply

Please send an email entitled "Attending 10/15 UC Osaka Office Special Lecture" to kyosui-gakusei-uceap@office.osaka-u.ac.jp by Tuesday, October 13, 2015. Include your (1) name with furigana and Roman letters, (2) affiliation with alphanumeric code and year in school (ex. M1, D2), (3) telephone number, (4) whether you can attend both sessions and (5) whether or not you will be attending the social gathering following the lecture in the body of your email. If you plan on attending the lecture for just the second half, or if you must leave early, please make sure to inform us beforehand.


NAKAYAMA, UC Osaka Office
Tel: 06-6850-6785
Email: kyosui-gakusei-uceap@office.osaka-u.ac.jp
URL: http://www.inosensei.com/osakauniversitygraduate/index.html
For more information on this special lecture, please click here .

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