Overseas Centers

The 21st Century has been called the "Knowledge Age." With its sights set on becoming a world-class university, Osaka University has been introducing numerous original cutting-edge programs, cooperating with the industrial world and local communities in ground-breaking advanced educational research, and putting into practice its motto of "Live Locally, Grow Globally."

Osaka University has also been active in international exchange. The university works to facilitate exchanges based on exchange relationships with high-level academic institutions. Osaka University accepts international students and has been aggressively promoting study abroad programs for its students.

Osaka University emphasizes nurturing international individuals who possess the ability to deal with people from other countries fairly and squarely on the world stage and who display leadership in a global society.

Fully conscious of these goals, Osaka University has established bases for each faculty overseas. In addition, for the whole university, for the purposes of (1) collecting and sharing information in order to facilitate exchange among researchers and among students, (2) supporting international exchange overseas, (3) communicating research results achieved by Osaka University, and (4) rapidly introducing research results from overseas, Osaka University has established overseas centers in four locations: Berkeley , USA in North America, Groningen, Netherlands in Europe, and Bangkok , Thailand and Shanghai , China in Asia.

Osaka University will continue to persevere in developing itself into a university that will attract researchers involved in leading and in conducting unique academic research, researchers working in a variety of fields with established reputations at home and abroad. Moreover, in such a university, academic research activities attract other outstanding individuals. Famous researchers and outstanding young researchers from all over the world assemble in such a school to conduct research and education, further stimulating our own researchers.

Osaka University will continue to foster international exchange in order that "Osaka University of Japan" will become known as "Osaka University of the world" through its activities in these overseas centers.

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