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Career Advancement Program in Brunei

In this Career Advancement Program in Brunei, students will participate in an English course at Brunei Darussalam University, with which OU has an inter-university agreement, to improve their English language proficiency, especially their presentation skills in English. This program is also designed to help students explore the challenges associated with achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and acquire experience and knowledge useful for their future career.

Participants can learn how to proceed with academic exchange activities and work while acquiring necessary skills and response capacity by conducting information gathering, communications, and presentations entirely in English in Brunei. This program will allow participants to gain valuable experience living and studying in Brunei, a safe Islamic country with different culture.

This program will last for 2-3 weeks, with applications to be accepted on KOAN twice per year. In addition to on-site training, this program may also hold online training.

Summer Program

Dates: August ~ September

Applications: End of April (tentative)

Spring Program

 Dates: February ~ March

Applications: End of November (tentative)

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