9. Tekijuku Commemoration Association

Becoming a member of Tekijuku Commemoration Association :

  1. There are two types of membership: ordinary and supporting. The annual membership fee for an ordinary member is a contribution of ¥2,000 or more; the annual membership fee for a supporting member is a contribution of ¥10,000 or more. Multi-year membership can also be obtained.
  2. Members are provided with a membership card and the annual pamphlet Tekijuku . Membership cards are valid for a year. With the card, one can visit Tekijuku and special exhibitions as often as desired.
  3. Information about events including lectures, special exhibitions and Tekijuku workshops are sent to members.
  4. Application for membership can be made at the Tekijuku Commemoration Association Office in the Tekijuku Commemoration Center.
Contact : Tekijuku Commemoration Association Office
Tekijuku Commemoration Center
Osaka University Hall
1-13 Machikaneyama-cho
Toyonaka 560-0043
Tel : 06-6850-5016
FAX : 06-6850-5015
Email : kinenkai[at]tekijuku.osaka-u.ac.jp (Please replace [at] with @.)
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