Integrated Report 2022

This Integrated Report elaborates on Osaka University’s mid- to long-term strategy based on the new mid- to long-term managerial vision “OU Master Plan” as well as the university’s recent endeavors and accomplishments.

We hope this report will help our stakeholders gain a better understanding of our initiatives aimed at creating a “society that fosters a sense of purpose in life.”

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Table of Contents

P.01  Introduction
P.02  Message from the President
P.04  Messages from Senior Executive Vice Presidents
P.06  Our History and Philosophy
P.08  Management Vision of Osaka University “OU Master Plan”
P.10  Value Creation Model
P.12  Governance
P.14  Messages to Osaka University

Strategies and Efforts for the advancement of Education, Research, and Management

P.18  Educational Infrastructure
P.24  Research Infrastructure
P.30  Management Infrastructure

P.36  Promotion and Deepening of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)

Special Features and Accomplishments

P.42  New Minoh Campus and Global Human Resource Development
P.44  University Bonds to Accomplish the University’s Strategic Plan
P.46  Endeavors in the Post-COVID-19 Era
P.48  Latest Research Achievements
P.50  Financial Information
P.54  Financial and Non-financial Highlights

P.60  Responses to Governance Codes
P.61  Compliance Promotion Endeavors
P.62  Osaka University Foundation for the Future

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Osaka University Integrated Report 2022 Production Team

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