Osaka University Environmental Policy

May 2018

Osaka University Environmental Policy

Under the motto, “Live Locally, Grow Globally,” Osaka University shares the results of its world-leading research with society in line with its policy of contributing to the happiness and welfare of humanity, world peace, and harmony between the development of society and preservation of the natural environment.

The world today faces a number of daunting problems such as global warming and resource depletion. To address these issues, the United Nations adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in 2015, within which it defined 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Great efforts are now being made to achieve the SDGs.

In 2016 Osaka University announced its OU Vision 2021, which states our determination to make the knowledge held by the university widely available to society for the wellbeing of humanity, and to strive to create a more sustainable world in line with the SDGs by developing competent human resources and applying our research achievements for the good of society.

Based on the OU Vision 2021, we will carry out creative educational and research activities at our campuses with the aim of becoming a world-leading comprehensive research university. Accordingly, we have established the following environmental policy.

  1. We will comply with environmental laws and regulations and strive to conserve energy, reduce waste, recycle resources, reduce environmental impacts on local communities, and preserve greenery and ecosystems.
  2. We will train next-generation leaders with the ability to solve the environmental problems facing humanity in various aspects of society and will contribute to combating regional, national, and global environmental threats through our research results.
  3. We will create sustainable campuses that offer a safe and pleasant environment in which to study and work, while minimizing the environmental impacts of research activities.
  4. We will utilize our campuses as field for environmental education and experiments to demonstrate the feasibility of research results, and share our educational and research achievements with society.
  5. We will encourage collaboration between the students and staff of Osaka University and local communities, local governments, and businesses, and introduce an advanced environmental management system in the process of creating sustainable campuses.
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