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Renovated Permanent Exhibits at Tekijuku

2013 is the 175th anniversary of Tekijuku's founding by OGATA Koan. The Tekijuku Commemoration Center has renovated its exhibits. The newly renovated exhibits have been on public display since April 2013.
Explanations on the materials exhibited are presented on panels and through replications. Exhibits have been organized and arranged so that visitors can easily understand the achievements of Koan, how students studied at Tekijuku as well as latest research results regarding Koan and Tekijuku.
In order to protect valuable original materials from humidity and exposure to sunshine, all items being exhibited are, in reality, elaborately made replicas or photo panels of the original items. This makes it possible to permanently exhibit Koan's letters, books and student materials in a way that avoids damage to the original item. (Some of the replicas have been funded by grants for cultural properties from the Asahi Shimbun Foundation.) In 2014, some of the original materials will be on display at the annual special exhibition to be held from late May to late June.
The organizers hope that these renewed exhibits will help visitors understand Tekijuku's academic atmosphere and the achievements of OGATA Koan and his students, many of whom played major roles in the modernization of Japan.
Permanent exhibits

  • 1st floor -- Ogata Koan & Tekijuku, Koan's education, Koan's medical achievements, the promotion of smallpox vaccination, Koan and his family
  • 2nd floor -- Western learning in the late Edo Period, Western learning in Osaka, Learning Dutch at Tekijuku, Tekijuku students, Relationship between Koan and his students, Successors of Koan, From Tekijuku to Osaka University

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