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Introduction to Osaka University

7. The Chronology of Tekijuku

7. Chronology 適塾中庭

Timeline of OGATA Koan and Tekijuku

1792 Big fire on May 16, 1792. The current building was built after that year. (roughly 220 years ago)
1810 Born in Ashimori Bitchu (current Okayama) on July 14.
1825 A coming-of-age ceremony to mark his entry into adult life was held. Moved to Osaka because his father, an Osaka warehouse manager for an Ashimori feudal lord, had been transferred there. (age 15)
1826 Started to study at NAKA Tenyu’s school in July and changed his family name to OGATA. (age 16)
1831 Moved to Edo [Tokyo] in February and started studying at the school of TSUBOI Shindo, a scholar of Western learning. (age 21)
1835 Left Edo in February and returned home. Moved to Osaka and taught Western learning at NAKA’s school. (age 25)
1836 Left Osaka and moved to Nagasaki in February to study Western learning and changed his name to OGATA Koan. (age 26)
1838 Finished studying in Nagasaki and opened Tekijuku, a place of learning Western learning in Kawara-machi, Osaka, in January. Married Yae, the daughter of OKUGAWA Hyakki of Settsu Najio (Hyogo) in July. (age 29)
1845 Bought a house (current Tekijuku) in Kasho-machi in December and moved into it. Expanded the school.
1846 OMURA Masujiro enrolled the school.
1855 FUKUZAWA Yukichi enrolled the school.
1862 Appointed Edo government doctor, he left Osaka on August 5. Appointed president of Western medical institution. OGATA Sessai, his adopted son, carried on the teaching of students at Tekijuku. (Tekijuku was closed in 1868.) (age 52)
1863 Died suddenly from a massive lung hemorrhage on June 10. (age 53)
1869 OGATA Koreyoshi, Koan’s son, Ikuzo, Koan’s brother-in-law, and Sessai, Koan’s adopted son, worked on establishing a temporary hospital/medical school of Osaka Prefecture in Daifukuji [now known as 4 Uehonmachi, Higashi-ku] in March. Eventually this school became the current Faculty of Medicine, Osaka University.
1901 Koan Library was established by his students in honor of his achievements.
1940 Designated as an Osaka Prefectural Historic Place in July.
1941 Designated as a National Historic Place on December 13.
1942 The Ogata family donated the building to the country (in essence, to Osaka Imperial University) in September.
1952 Tekijuku Memorial Association was established on November 5.
1964 The building was designated as a National Important Cultural Asset on May 26.
1972 Osaka University Tekijuku Management Committee was established on December 20.
Renovation was conducted by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.
1980 Opened to the public in May.
1981 A park was completed in the area bordering the east side of Tekijuku in July.
1986 A park was completed in the area bordering the west side of Tekijuku in March.

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