Numbering System

Osaka University introduced the course numbering system in April 2017.

1. Outline of the course numbering system
The course numbering system categorizes subjects offered by the university and assigns certain numerals and letters to them according to their fields and levels to help students select appropriate subjects with a comprehensive understanding of the university’s curriculum.

2. What will change with the introduction of the course numbering system?
● Students can better plan for their course registration.
The system allows students to easily identify what field of study each subject covers and how subjects are related with each other. The system also clearly indicates the level of each subject.
Accordingly, students can register for subjects more appropriately and systematically from a comprehensive perspective.

● Students can compare the subjects of Osaka University with those of other universities.
Students can find the fields of subjects and registration system of subjects offered by other universities that use a course numbering system and compare them with the subjects of Osaka University.
Even if a university adopts different rules or procedures of numbering, students can obtain information of the subjects offered by the university simply by following the university’s method of numbering that is open to the public.

3. Course numbers of Osaka University
Each course number of Osaka University consists of a combination of 11 numerals and letters.
*Example of course number (Spaces are inserted for ease of reading here, and are not included in actual course numbers.)

12 ABCD E4 56

①      ②       ③   ④      ⑤

Meaning of each code (Click on the underlined words to see a list of codes.)
(1) Department code : The department of the school/faculty or graduate school that offers the subject
(2) Degree program code : The degree program in which the subject is offered
*What is the degree program?
(3) Level code : Level of the subject and the years at the university for which the subject is intended
(4) Field code (Category): Category of the field of the subject
(5) Field code (Subcategory): Further divided category of the field of the subject in each category

What is the degree program?

The degree program is a curriculum (program) for degree conferment in which courses are designed in a systematic manner.
While centering around the conventional educational and research structures of Osaka University’s undergraduate schools/faculty and graduate schools, the program offers courses in more practical fields of study and related areas, along with an appropriate education system.

[Example of numbering]
The following is an example of a number assigned to a subject (not an actual one).

Subject Introduction to Philosophy
Course number 00HUMA2A100
00 The department that offers the subject: School of Letters
HUMA Degree program: Humanities
2 Level: Undergraduate major subject (introductory subject)
A1 Field of study (category): Philosophy
00 Field of study (subcategory): Philosophy, Thought and Culture

● The same number may be assigned to two or more subjects.
Unlike subject codes and class codes, the same number may be assigned to different subjects if the subjects are in the same field of study and of the same level.

● Two or more numbers may be assigned to one subject.
Two or more field/degree program codes may be assigned to one subject if the subject encompasses multiple fields of study or is offered in multiple degree programs.

[Contacts for inquiries]
■ Inquiries about the subject numbering system, please contact:
Education Planning Section, Education Planning Division
Department of Education and Student Affairs
Email: gakusei-kikaku-kikaku[at]
*When sending an email, replace [at] with @.

■ Inquiries about the number of each subject, please contact:
General education subjects: Educational Affairs Section, Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences
Major subjects: Educational affairs section of each faculty/school or graduate school
*The department that offers the subject is shown by the first two letters (department code) of the subject number.

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