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Use of Facilities

List of facilities that can be used for various events (alumni reunions, etc.)

*Use of some of these facilities may be restricted. For more information, please contact the facility.

Osaka University Nakanoshima Center

The Nakanoshima Center was established at the birthplace of Osaka University, Nakanoshima, in April 2004 as a hub for social contribution, fully equipped for education, research, exchange, and communication of information to society.

For more information regarding reservations, etc., please visit the Nakanoshima Center website.

Osaka University Hall

Osaka University Hall was originally constructed as the school building of the former Naniwa High School in 1928 under the old education system. After the reform of the educational system, the building was transferred to Osaka University. Heretofore known as "E-go Kan" [イ号館] to university staff, students, and alumni, it was renovated in 2011.

Once used as a liberal arts building and recently as the main building for general education, it was designated as a national tangible cultural asset in 2004.
In 2011, on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the university's founding, as a storehouse for memories of earlier times for Osaka University-related people and as a symbol of Osaka University's heritage and spirit, the building was renovated and reborn as Osaka University Hall.

For more information regarding reservations, etc., please visit the Osaka University Hall website.

Osaka University Convention Center

The Osaka University Convention Center was established with the aim of being used as a hub for education and research activity that could be widely used for events such as symposiums, lecture, and workshops, while also serving as a base for the transmission of information to the local community through open lectures and discussions.

For more information regarding reservations, etc., please visit the Osaka University Convention Center website.

Osaka University Tokyo Office

As Osaka University continues to develop toward becoming a world-leading comprehensive research university, it is only natural that a base for promoting its activities, the Osaka University Tokyo Office, be established in the nation's capital.

The Tokyo Office is available for use by Osaka University faculty and staff (including former faculty and staff), OU students, graduates and other OU affiliated persons.

For more information regarding reservations, etc., please visit the Osaka University Tokyo Office webpage.

On-campus facilities available for use

Museum of Osaka University

The Museum of Osaka University collects, preserves, and exhibits valuable academic materials within the University, and proceeds with educational and research-related activities that serve as the foundation for them. It also passes along the history of Osaka University and the achievements of its pioneers, as well as transmits latest research results. Through the motto of “Live Locally, Grow Globally”, the Museum will take on the role of connecting Osaka University with society.

For more information, please visit the Museum of Osaka University website.

Osaka University Libraries

Osaka University Libraries are establishments for education and research at the university.

Alumni should check the Osaka University Library website prior to use.

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