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To those of you who were JASSO scholars while at OU

We hope that you are all doing well and that you have all begun to repay your scholarship loans. Have your payments been properly debited from your account? Is it possible that you may not have properly performed procedures for transfer of your repayments and subsequently received a notice from JASSO that your repayment has not been received?

Each year, there are individuals who are unable to make their first repayment via transfer. If you are unable to make that first payment, it may be considered overdue and could produce a situation that is difficult to escape. We ask that you check the status of your repayments.

If by any chance you have trouble making repayments, there are systems in place for repayment period deferment and repayment reduction, so please call the consultation hotline for JASSO right away. Remember to provide your scholarship number when contacting JASSO. Those who have already submitted their enrollment certificate or completed procedures for repayment period deferment, etc. do not need to perform additional procedures.

Information on scholarship loans and grants from the 2017-2018 academic year are posted on the website for JASSO.

Your scholarship loan repayments will form the foundation for scholarships in the future. We hope you give special consideration to the next generation of scholars.

JASSO Consultation Hotline

TEL: 0570-666-301 (Those individuals calling from overseas, certain cell phones, and certain IP telephones, please dial: 03-6743-6100)

For more information, visit:
JASSO Homepage (link in Japanese)

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