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Osaka University Federation of Alumni Association Privacy Policy

The Osaka University Federation of Alumni Association (the “federation”), strongly aware of the importance of protecting the personal information of its members, has established the following privacy policy for the appropriate protection of the personal information of its members.

[What is personal information?]

Personal information is any information related to individual members of the federation that can be used to identify them, including name, date of birth, and other descriptors. Personal information includes information that can be easily collated with other information to identify individual members as well, even if such information cannot identify an individual member by itself.

Personal information kept by the federation includes name, home address/phone number, place of work, work address/telephone number, position, email address, school/department of graduation, and graduation year.

[Handling of Personal Information]

The federation carefully handles personal information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations related to the protection of personal information as well as the privacy policy outlined below.

[Purpose of Use]

The federation will use personal information for achieving the purposes stipulated in the federation’s regulations: (1) contributing to the development of alumni associations of schools and (2) facilitating exchange and friendship between OU alumni by promoting exchange and cooperation among alumni associations of schools as well as widely making a contribution to society through close contact with OU.


Specifically, the federation will use members’ personal information for the following purposes:

1) Sending of notifications and messages regarding events etc. hosted by the federation

2) Distribution of bulletins, etc. (including electronic media and limited to those that meet the purposes of the federation)

3) Office tasks and announcement regarding management of membership fees and donations

4) Contacting members to inform them of requests from the federation and OU

5) Sending notifications on university-sponsored projects that would help develop education and research at OU

6) Sending materials that help with employment of current OU students

[Provision of personal information to third parties]

Any personal information held by the federation will not be provided to third parties except under the following circumstances:

1) When consent is obtained from the member him/herself,

2) When disclosure is required by law,

3) When outsourcing portions of work within the scope necessary to achieve the purposes of use,

4) When Osaka University and/or schools and community alumni associations approved by OU use personal information within the scope necessary to achieve the purposes of use

Individuals who do not wish for provision of personal information to third parties are requested to contact the federation. If you do not inform us, you will be deemed to have agreed to the provision of your private information.

[Disclosure and revision of personal information]

If a member requests disclosure, correction, or suspension of use of personal information, the federation will quickly respond to the request after confirming the member’s identity.


For inquiries related to the handling of private information, please contact the office listed below.
Office for the Osaka University Federation of Alumni Association
B909, Techno-Alliance Bldg., 2-8 Yamadaoka, Suita, 565-0871
TEL: 06-6105-5981
FAX: 06-6105-5982
E-mail: dousoukai-r* (Please replace * with @ when contacting this address.)

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