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Greeting from the Chairman


Greetings. This is KISHIMOTO Tadamitsu, the new chairman of the Osaka University Federation of Alumni Association.

I have taken over for former chairman KUMAGAI Nobuaki, who served as chairman for quite some time. I will do everything in my power to further develop Osaka University and the Osaka University Federation of Alumni Association.

With its roots in Kaitokudo and Tekijuku, Osaka University was established in 1931 as Osaka Imperial University with just 2 schools, the Faculty of Medicine and the School of Science.

There are many universities with a longer history than Osaka University. But as an alumnus of the university myself, I’m proud to say that Osaka University alumni, active in all manner of disciplines and recipients of various awards such as the Order of Culture, Person of Cultural Merit, Japan Academy Prize, and the Imperial Award, have received much praise from all quarters as one of the leading universities in Japan both in name and in deed.

Currently, Osaka University has a variety of alumni associations, even those for individual schools and majors.

The Osaka University Federation of Alumni Association was established in 2005 with the goal of further strengthening the circle of exchange and collaboration between Osaka University and its graduates by contributing to the expansion of these alumni associations while crossing over interschool and interdepartmental boundaries.

In addition, the Osaka University Federation of Alumni Association also collaborates with corporate alumni associations such as NTT Miotsukushikai, Toyota Handaikai, Panasonic Ichokai, and the Osaka Icho Gishikai, occupational alumni associations, and overseas alumni associations consisting of former international students such as the Thailand, North American, Shanghai, and European Alumni Associations.

Osaka University will celebrate the 90th anniversary of its founding in 2021, while Osaka University of Foreign Studies, which merged with Osaka University in 2007, will celebrate its 100th.

Toward this memorable 2021 and, what is more, the 100th anniversary of Osaka University’s founding in 2031, we will support Osaka University’s further development. At the same time, we sincerely hope that, based on its illustrious tradition and history, OU will continue to develop as a youthful university with overflowing vitality, a place for individuals to “live locally, grow globally.”

April 2018

Chairman, Osaka University Federation of Alumni Association
  (14th President, Osaka University)

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