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Membership Qualifications and How to Become a Member

Who may join

• Osaka University and Osaka University of Foreign Studies alumni who have joined and are currently members of an alumni association
• Current or former Osaka University faculty members

*Lifetime membership fee – 15,000 yen

How to join

Step 1

After carefully reading the regulations, please contact the Federation of Alumni Association Office via email, telephone, or fax
*The regulations can be found here.
Those individuals who apply via email or fax should send an email/fax entitled “Osaka University Federation of Alumni Association Membership Application” with the following information:
• Name
• Contact address (mailing address/telephone number/email address)
• Relation to Osaka University (alumni (school/graduate school and date of graduation) or current/former faculty member (department and job title))

Step 2

After confirming membership in an alumni association, you will be sent a postal payment form and an Osaka University Federation of Alumni Association pamphlet.

Step 3

After confirming membership fee payment, you will be sent a membership card.

*Once your receive your membership card, your membership registration is complete.

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