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Facebook posting requests

Alumni associations can request that information regarding alumni reunions be posted to Facebook. If you wish to have your information about your alumni association posted on Facebook, please fill out a posting request form (PDF / Excel) and send it by email or by postal mail to the Office of the Federation of Alumni Association.

Once your information has been posted, we will contact you by email (or postal mail if the requester does not have access to an email address).

Please note:
• If your request is made during a particularly busy time of year, such as in and around the New Year’s holidays, please be aware that it may take some time to process your request.
• The university may be unable to process your request depending on its content.

Requests by postal mail should be sent to:
Office for the Osaka University Federation of Alumni Association
Room B909, Techno-Alliance Building, 2-8 Yamadaoka, Suita, Osaka
Email: dousoukai-r[at] (Please replace [at] with @ when contacting this address.)

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