Information for Privately-funded International Students

Laptop rentals (posted March 2023)

At Osaka University, students use online academic information systems for class registration, viewing grades, and correspondence with the university. In addition to the above, students will often be required to use a computer for assignments such as writing reports and graduation theses. Incoming first-year students need to get their own notebook/laptop computer for campus use before the new school year starts. Please refer to the following for information regarding minimum laptop specifications.

Osaka University has prepared a rental system for students who have difficulties acquiring a personal laptop computer due to financial circumstances (for rental periods of 6 months or one year) as well as for students who need to temporarily borrow a personal laptop computer for a class due to damages to their device. Please refer to the documents below for more information.

Individuals who received an examination admission ticket must carefully read the precautions posted above when preparing for the examination. If you have misplaced the health checksheet that was sent with your entrance admission ticket, please print and fill out a copy here.