Development Policy for Postdoctoral Researchers Employed at OU

Development Policy for JSPS Research Fellows (PD, RPD, CPD*)

*PD: Postdoctoral Fellow, RPD: Restart PostdoctoralFellow,
CPD: Cross-border Postdoctoral Fellow

Approved by the Executive Vice Presidents of Research
July 12, 2023

1. Basic Philosophy

In its mid- and long-term managerial vision, the OU Master Plan 2027, Osaka University, as an excellent research institute, made clear its strategy for creating an environment for all researchers to devote themselves in research based on outside-the-box thinking so that they can engage in fundamental research without being driven by short-term gain.

The plan sets the importance of creating a diverse and inclusive environment in which diversity is respected beyond differences in gender, sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI), nationality, ethnicity, cultural background, age, and the presence or absence of disability, incorporating approaches that allow diverse talent, including female researchers, to shine.

2. Goal of the Postdoctoral Researcher Development

Based on the foregoing philosophy, OU will employ JSPS Research Fellows, top-class early-career researchers, as its staff.

After securing employment, OU will nurture these individuals to become prominent researchers who can engage in co-creation with society by providing them with various opportunities to exchange with various researchers and cultivate global awareness, as well as support for their life events.

3. Specific Endeavors

Specifically, Osaka University will support these research fellows by:

(1) Securing an environment where they can engage in research with peace of mind

(2) Providing opportunities for exchange with diverse researchers

(3) Fostering a sense of global awareness

(4) Supporting for publication of research results

(5) Supporting the acquisition of research funds

(6) Supporting research activity during life events (such as childbirth and childcare)

(7) Providing opportunities to develop ability to instruct others

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