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What is a Special Researcher?

The Research Fellowship for Young Scientists is a program to give young researchers opportunities to freely select research projects and focus on them.

Particularly outstanding individuals who are in the doctor's course or have doctoral degrees and who hope to dedicate themselves in research at university or research institute are selected as Special Researchers and are given grants-in-aid.

Target fields -- all fields in human, social, and natural sciences

Fellowship categories

  • DC1, DC2 -- Doctoral course students
  • Postdoctoral Fellow (PD) -- Individuals with doctoral degrees
  • Superlative Postdoctoral Fellow (SPD) -- Of those who applied for PD, especially excellent individuals who meet the screening criteria
  • Restart Postdoctoral Fellow (RPD) -- Researchers who return to research activities after an absence due to child-birth or child-raising

Research Fellowship for Young Scientists

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