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Security export control at university and approaches at Osaka University

Major countries collaborate in promoting human security in order to maintain peace and safety of the world. The important pillar of their efforts is to prevent the proliferation of products and technologies that might be used for developing weapons of mass destruction and conventional arms for terrorists and countries threatening world peace. In Japan, export security control is carried out under the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act and its related laws.

Research conducted at university and its achievements include technologies that might be used for developing weapons of mass destruction and conventional arms despite researchers' intentions; therefore, appropriate security export control at university is required.

Osaka University formulated Regulations on Security Export Control on April 1, 2010 and built a security export control system. This system is operated in such a way as to not impair international research activities at Osaka University, but to familiarize faculty and staff members with the system. Osaka University aims to improve the system so that researchers can expand their research worldwide with a reduction in paperwork as much as possible.

August 2015
YAGI Yasushi
Director and Vice President
Officer in charge of Security Export Control


2019-2020 University-Wide Explanatory Session for Security Export Control held

On Wednesday, July 17, 2019, the University-Wide Explanatory Session for Security Export Control was held on the Toyonaka (AM) and Suita (PM) campuses, with 122 faculty and staff members involved with security export control in attendance. Osaka University began promoting security export control in April 2010, with this type of explanatory session held every year.

This year, the university invited NIIDOME Jiro (Counselor, Center for Information on Security Trade Control) to explain the framework and systems of export control (beginner level) and export control practice at universities (beginner and intermediate levels). The security export control manager at OU also gave an explanation on internal procedures regarding security export control at the university.

Moving forward, in addition to the university-wide explanatory sessions, we will be holding explanatory sessions for each research and educational organization according to their characteristics in order to enhance their awareness on security export control.

July 2019


Explanatory session on the Toyonaka Campus


 Explanatory session on the Suita Campus

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