Security Export Control

Major countries collaborate to address security issues in order to maintain the peace and safety of the world. An important pillar of their efforts is to prevent the spread of products and technologies that might be used for developing weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and conventional arms to terrorists and countries threatening world peace. Thus, in Japan, export security control is carried out under the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act and its related laws.

Research conducted at the university and its achievements include technologies that might be used for developing WMD and conventional arms despite researchers' intentions; therefore, appropriate security export control at university is required.

Since the scope of the "deemed export*" control was clarified through the revision of the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Act and related laws on May 1, 2022, universities hold greater responsibility for proper management of sensitive technologies related to security issues.

*"Deemed-export" refers to "any release of technology to a foreign national."

Osaka University will perform proper export control in accordance with laws and regulations and contribute to international peace and safety. The university will also strive to address this issue by improving its counseling systems and training so as not to prevent international interpersonal exchange and joint research.

July 2022
Director and Vice President
Officer in charge of Security Export Control

Security Export Control

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